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The Nature-Safe™ 72 is a 72 LED Amber or Red light which provides nature friendly operation. It is designed for use in indoor or outdoor applications to replace traditional lighting sources which affect nesting Sea Turtles and other endangered animals. By using the longer wavelength 590 nm amber or 625-650 nm red light, these lights are non-disruptive to all nesting animals, especially Sea Turtles. These Amber and Red lights allow the property owner to utilize Nature-Safe™ wavelength lighting in sea turtle nesting areas. Amber and Red wavelength light is approved for use during nesting season. LED lighting uses significantly less watts of power than most traditional lighting sources.
Wildlife Lighting Certification Number: 2007-026
Made in the USA

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Nature-Safe 72 LED Amber Turtle Light
Nature-Safe 72 LED Amber Turtle Light
Our Price: $44.70
Sale Price: $44.70
72  LED amber Nature-Safe tm turtle light
Nature-Safe Amber and Red LED lighting