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Color your pool with LED swimming pool lights that are energy efficient replacement lights for your currently installed incandescent reflector bulbs. Our LED pool lights are designed to last up to eleven years of continuous service without any maintenance required. These lights have seven vibrant colors--red, green, yellow, blue, purple, aqua, and white. Using your wall switch, no remote needed, hold steady on any color or change through all seven colors continuously with a rapid disco, a slow 30 second per color, a slower 5 minute per color or the slowest 20 minute per color. When two or more of these LED pool lights, including our spa lights, are installed on the same electrical circuit, they can be easily synchronized using the wall switch. Our LED pool lights are designed to fit most popular pool fixtures by Hayward, Pentair and others. Operating instructions are included with each pool light.
Don' be misled or disappointed
Our LED pool lights are made with the highest quality super bright LEDs. Do not be confused by the claims of other product sellers that their LED pool lights are brighter because they use more LEDs- they use more LEDs because they have to in order to compete with our performance! Pool lights claiming to use 500 or more LEDs just will not match our performance. So called PAR38 72 LED pool lights will just not meet the light intensity performance of our PoolBright202 LED pool light. Actually, our SpaBright72 spa light would work just as well and cost less! See the SpaBright72 product here.
and...our pool lights are made right here in the USA!
LED color changing swimming pool bulbs will add nightime excitement to your pool--also great for other water features such as water falls and ponds.